Brief History:-

This fund known as ‘The Benevolent Fund for the benefits of ex-servicemen and their dependents in the Bombay State’ was created vide Government of Bombay Home Department (Special) Resolution N0. SB-2/SSB-2656 dated 22 Feb 1957. This fund was created by amalgamating proportionate share from Saurashtra Flag Day Fund, Madhya Pradesh Flag Day Fund (Share only) and recruits maintenance fund from State of Kutch, Hyderabad, Soldiers relief Association Fund, Hyderabad State, Indian soldiers Benevolent Fund with Bombay State, Benevolent Fund. This fund is managed by Rajya Sainik Board through Executive Committee, whose Chairman is Hon. Chief Minister. The organization charts of the Rajya Sainik Board & Executive Committee of Rajya Sainik Board are given on page No 31 & 32 respectively. The activities under this fund are monitored by the Executive Committee of Rajya Sainik Board, on behalf of Rajya Sainik Board, in yearly meeting held in a financial year under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble Minister of Ex-servicemen’s Welfare. Presently 60% amount of the Flag Day Collections of this State is credited to this fund every year.

Rules & Bye-laws for the administration of Benevolent Fund:-

Initially, the Rules & bye-laws were framed in 1957 & approved vide Government of Bombay, Home Department (Special) letter No SB II/SSB/2657/19937 dt 12 Oct 1957. During the 24th Meeting of Rajya Sainik Board held on 06 Dec 1982, it was decided to appoint a sub committee to study the objects & bye-laws of Benevolent Fund. Accordingly, a subcommittee was appointed in the 26th Meeting of Rajya Sainik Board held on 08 Jul 1989. The recommendations of the Sub Committee were approved in the 27th Meeting of Rajya Sainik Board held on 31 Aug 1989. Government of Maharashtra, General Administration Department Government Resolution No 1015/CR 215/95/28 dt 26 Mar 1999 empowers the Executive Committee of Rajya Sainik Board to make rules for administration of the Benevolent Fund. Accordingly, in the year 1996, the first Booklet known as ‘Benevolent Fund Rules 1996’ was prepared. Over a period of time lots of changes have been made in these rules. At present, the booklet known as ‘Benevolent Fund Rules 2001 (Revised Edition 2008) is in existence, which specify the various rules, eligibility, & the documents to be submitted for each scheme, powers delegated to sanction the financial assistance and definition of ex-servicemen.

Objects of Benevolent Fund :-

The objects of this fund are to give grants for maintenance, medical treatment, daughter’s marriage, dentures, hearing aids, self-employment, educational assistance, scholarships, lump sum or monthly grants to bereaved families of soldiers killed, wounded or missing in action and for any other purpose considered deserving by the Chairman. The details of schemes financed from the Benevolent Fund are given in succeeding paragraphs.

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