In particular the functions of the Department are as under:-

  1. To maintain close liaison with the State Government/District authorities and the Director General Resettlement, the Service authorities, recruiting Organization and others on the matters pertaining to welfare and resettlement of ESM.
  2. To keep an up to date record of orders and policy matters on employment, self-employment and welfare matters and apprise ESM on the latest entitlements of benefits through media, sainik melawas, seminars, web site and so on.
  3. To co-ordinate the work of Zila Sainik Welfare Offices in the State.
  4. To exercise strict control over ‘Welfare Funds’, ‘ Special Fund’, ‘Flag Day Fund’, Government Grants and their accounting and audit.
  5. To extend all benefits to the entitled Battle Casualties, War Widows and Gallantry Award Winners, ESM and their families.
  6. Promoting measures for the welfare and resettlement of ESM and families of serving/deceased personnel of the Armed Forces.
  7. Disseminating information to the general public regarding the Armed Forces in the country and for taking measures to enhance interest in Armed Forces amongst general public.
  8. Arrange collections for Armed Forces Flag Day Fund through sale of flags, advertisements and so on.
  9. As part of the Department of Sainik Welfare and Zila Sainik Welfare Offices, advise the civil administration on all matters pertaining to Welfare and Resettlement of ESM.
  10. To settle any grievances of ESM on matters of pension by taking up cases with appropriate authority.
  11. To run Military Boys/Girls Hostels for children of serving/ESM and Military Rest Houses for transient ESM.
  12. To organize Rajya Sainik Board meetings, Special Fund Committee meetings periodically.


The Zila Sainik Welfare Offices (ZSWOs) which are the field units of this Organizations are responsible for the tasks as given below: -

  1. Disseminating information to the general public regarding the Armed Forces in the country and constantly endeavoring to promote and maintain a feeling of goodwill between civilian and service personnel and ex-servicemen.
  2. Monitoring the welfare of families of servicemen and ex-servicemen and assisting them in representing their cases with the local administration or the Defence authorities.
  3. Giving information to the general public regarding the conditions of service in the Armed Forces and to assist intending candidates in approaching the appropriate recruiting authorities for purposes of enrolment.
  4. Scrutinizing applications for relief from various Military and Civil charitable funds and making suitable recommendations.
  5. Granting financial relief to ex-servicemen and their dependents from funds at their disposal. Recommending cases of ESM and their families for financial assistance from KSB.
  6. Settlement of financial problems such as pension and other retirement benefits/dues to ESM and grants and assistance in kind to ESM beneficiaries and dependents from the Central/State Govts or other organizations.
  7. Maintaining close liaison with the Pension Disbursing Authorities/ Agencies in the District to ensure prompt and correct payment of pension and relief to ESM pensioners or their dependents.
  8. Providing assistance for settlement of land and other disputes.
  9. Assist families of serving personnel staying separately during their absence away on duty.
  10. Promote and maintain welfare measures in the District such as Rest House for ESM, Old Age Pensioners’ Homes, vocational and other training facilities etc.
  11. Maintain an up-to-date register of war widows, dependents and those disabled in actions with a view to ensure their welfare.
  12. To maintain close and effective liaison with Local Central/State/ Private Industrial Organization, Local employment exchange/ revenue authorities and District Industries/Block Development Offices for purpose of resettlement of ESM through employment, allotment of land to ESM and setting up small scale industries etc.
  13. Assist ESM in forming and setting up co-operatives for self-employment.
  14. Provide all resettlement assistance to war widows, dependents and war disabled as well as to those who dies or is disabled while in service due to attributable reasons.
  15. Organize Flag Day and Flag Day collections or any other authorized fund raising measures in the district.
  16. Organize rallies of ex-servicemen.
  17. Explore avenues for providing educational and vocational training facilities for ESM and their dependents to enable them to seek employment or set up self-employment venture.
  18. Assist the three services whenever called upon to do so to disseminate information within the district regarding terms and conditions of service in the Armed Forces, provide publicity for recruitment notice and for assistance rendered by the Armed Forces in times of national calamities.
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